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CLIN ® Wall Partition System offer a non-progressive, demountable system that can easily conform to meet any cleanroom requirements.

CLIN ® panel can be configured from various cores and lamination skins to suit different classes of cleanliness and applications.

We also customize sizes of opening to accommodate pass box, sockets outlets etc on the panel.



Panel cores available:
• Gypsum • Calcium silicate • Paper Honeycomb • Aluminium Honeycomb • Polystyrene (PS) • Polyurethane (PU) • Rockwool

Panel skins available:
• Prepainted steel sheet • Prepainted aluminium sheet • Stainless steel • Vinyl lamination • High pressure laminates (HPL)


• Up to class 1 cleanroom installation
• Static control environments
• Anti-bacteria grade skin


• Non-progressing & demountable
• Engineered & innovative design for easy installation
• Easy cleaning & pleasing surfaces
• Matching door & window system
• No exposed fastener

 Technical Data

• Tested in accordance with BS and MS standards
• Static control & anti-bacteria surfaces
• Natural anodized & epoxy powder coated finishes
• Standard size 6mm, 13mm, 45mm
• Aluminium accessories
• Epoxy adhesive
• Colorbond prepainted steel


• Customised sizes & design
• Opening at factory for ancillary devices
• Various core & skin configurations

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About CLIN

Cleanroom Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1999 as a pioneer manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in design and manufacture of a full range of cleanroom-related architectural products for cleanroom applications up to Class 1 cleanliness.

Awards & Recognitions

ISO 9001 Malaysia Power Brand Super Excellent Brand Sirim QAS Made in Malaysia Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award